Powerful tools mean a wide range of uses.

Here is a quick overview of how Kweeri can help your business by domain.

Mobile Coupon & cashback

Kweeri brings to mobile coupons and cashback actors the shortest, cheapest and faster way to activate shoppers, on real-time.

Possible KPIs to leverage

Market Intelligence

Rather than months on with the same static information, obtain real-time feed on your marketing and commercial actions Company.

Possible KPIs to leverage

Mobile Banking

Be the first one to implement the next generation in PFM, add that additional layer of data which will change your business and help users

Possible KPIs to leverage

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We scale with your business

Find the best fit regarding your receipt analysis needs, or talk with us to tailor your own pricing.

Seamlessly integrate with your data

We developed a large set of features to apply our technology to your business.
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Extract data from receipts like no one before

What are the possible data to extract from a receipt? And how to get the most of it?